The fraternity’s expansion efforts reached another milestone as the Wayne State Founding Line was unveiled to the university and Greek community at the Detroit, Michigan campus on April 21st. The founding line consists of Luis Iglesias, Devon Bradley, Will Santos- Weiner, and Desmond Mack.

The founding line believed that by establishing ODPhi on their campus, they would provide other men to follow, the opportunity to join a diverse brotherhood with strong ties to community involvement and outreach. They saw an immediate need for this at Wayne State and in the Detroit area and decided to pursue expansion.

Alpha Beta alum Cisko Velasquez guided the Wayne State founding line through their prospective member period with the assistance of the Midwest Regional Director and Alpha Beta alum Dywaine Betts Jr and AB founding line member Alex Alvarez.


Founding line member Iglesias noted how strong and how supportive the entire Midwest region was and how that support played a role in the interest group taking off and their immediate desire to pursue expansion at Wayne State.

“We also appreciated the fact that ODPhi was hands on, they were out there in the community trying to serve and in doing so, create positive change. We felt that an organization that was truly about service and outreach was missing at Wayne State” said founder Bradley.

Michigan is home to one entity— AB Chapter located at Michigan State University and it is the hope of the expansion team and the founding line at Wayne State that ODPhi’s expansion there will open the doors for growth in that state.

“It was an honor to help shape these men and the entity that will be part of this community for years to come. Detroit has been hit hard so I see the potential that these young men have and I’m just grateful to have been a part of, what I think, is something that’s going to be beneficial, not just for ODPHI, but for the community of Detroit” shared Velasquez.