7Visions Blog: With this refreshing new perspective on the Greek Experience and our member’s and prospective member’s responsibilities to continue defying the stigma associated with Greek organizations, 7 Visions launches its online blog where we will visit relevant and interesting topics associated with the Greek experience, the Honorable Knight experience, as well as ODPhi all around. Stay tuned for weekly posts.


Greek life has always carried a negative stigma, thanks in part to the narrative that the media continues to depict as unquestionable truth. Some Greek lettered organizations have also done their part by irresponsibly affirming certain stereotypes that play into that narrative of debauchery and an array of risky behaviors.

Culturally based organizations, such as Omega Delta Phi, take pride in turning that stigma on its head. Our brotherhood lives to defy the stereotype and to change a growing negative perception of the Greek experience on college campuses throughout.

Recent media coverage on the hazing death of new member Timothy Piazza at the Penn State University chapter of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house rocked the country and many college administrators and community leaders are calling for the abolishment of Greek Life on their respective campuses. The racist chant captured on video at The University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter has also garnered much attention and elicited a damning response. Just last week, a fraternity new member was found dead a