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There are those that say that there is no bigger bond than the one forged by blood. Blood family is everything; but if there is anything that even comes close to that type of bond, it is the one we forge with our fraternity brothers in Omega Delta Phi. For a select few brothers, the bond comes twice for they are not only members of the same fraternity, but also family by blood.

In the twenty two year history of the Delta Chapter at Texas A&M University, our chapter lineage has become intertwined with that of our bloodlines. Younger brothers have followed in the footsteps of older brothers and become fraternity brothers swearing to uphold the same principles and the legacy of the Delta Chapter.

Daniel Escobar, of the Gamma Line was the first chapter legacy who joined the brotherhood immediately after his brother David was activated as a member of the Beta Line. Like him, several other members have pursued membership at Delta Chapter as legacies and been fortunate to revel in the fraternal ties that make this fraternity so great.

One of the first Delta Chapter legacies was Stanley Bertrand, member of the Zeta Line of Spring 1994 who joined the brotherhood following in the footsteps of his older but shorter brother Daniel, activated with the Delta Line of Fall 1992 and who would eventually become National President of the fraternity. Stanley credited Daniel’s involvement with the brotherhood as a big influence in his decision to pursue membership.

“I was able to get a rundown before I pledged, I got to meet a lot of brothers too” Stanley noted. When asked if he believed being a legacy added extra stress, pressure to his pledge process, as it was known at the time, brother Stanley shared this: “Hell yes. I felt I had to represent my family and brother well, along with myself. That is probably why I went for pledge class president.’ Bertrand felt that the brotherhood helped enhance his relationship with his older brother; he said that they, to this day, cover up the grip in front of their family members. It means that much to them and allows them to have something that is just theirs within their family. C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_10438162_10152714454203270_2274858517958189533_n

This sentiment is well known among other legacies in the chapter. Brother Armando Gonzalez, activated in Spring 1996 as part of the Kappa Line, identifies with it, and perhaps even to a higher level. As a legacy to Delta Chapter founder Tony Gonzalez, Armando felt he had a lot to prove and the pressure to become a full-fledged member was at an all-time high.

“Tony being in ODPhi, it had everything to do with me joining” Armando shared.

Jaime Noriega, Fall 1994 member of the Eta Pledge Line is a household name at the Delta Chapter for he was instrumental in the molding and shaping of Delta Chapter’s pledge program which would be used as a model nationally in future years. Jaime’s influence on the traditions of the Delta chapter gave way for added pressure to