IMG_1767Dedicated, passionate, and leader are few words that describe Michael “Mikey” Zaragoza. Since January 2013, Mikey has shown true brotherhood and leadership amongst brothers in the Southwest Region. Eric Barrera, former VP of Undergraduate Affairs, hired Mikey because as he stated: “Mikey’s confidence, experience and skills personified a new vision for the Southwest region. Mikey wanted to bring the region to the top; not only to be #1 in the nation, but a region that demonstrated trued brotherhood and family values.”

Since his start, Mikey has lived up to what he demonstrated in his interview with Barrera. Not only does he listens to the entities in his region, but listens and reaches out to others across the nation for support and alignment. He has guided the University of Utah Colony to become Beta Zeta Chapter and recently acquired Colorado State University – Fort Collins Colony. In addition, he successfully led his region to remain “Region of the Year” for three consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015).

The awards and titles are great, but his achievements within his region go beyond what words can describe. He organized and developed an infrastructure that is meant to create sustainability and offer progress for its region’s entities. Although he’s employed full time, he is selfless in committing to Omega Delta Phi and Southwest Region. His hard work and dedication garnered the support of those that eventually became part of his leadership team.

Previously as the National Director of Programming, in Office of Undergraduate Affairs, I was able to witness his drive and passion to aid brothers, of all walks of life, and develop his region to mikeybe prosperous. This January, I attended the Southwest Regional Conference, and what he had to say to the undergraduates was impactful; he presented a progressive layout on how we as people should challenge ourselves to have a different outlook on things, and the appreciation for the diversity our brotherhood offers. He inspires and convinces brothers that they are leaders, and that they can accomplish anything they set in sight.

As the current Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs, I looked at Mikey for advice and guidance for other RDs, as he was one of the returning Regional Directors from the last administration. I knew that with his experience I could count on him for honest feedback and for suggestions that would better the fraternity as a whole.

Although Mikey has decided to allow an opportunity for another brother to lead the Southwest Region, I’m sure he will still be around like a big brother: to help, socialize and sometimes pick on others. On behalf of the National Executive Council, I wanted to thank you again for the countless hours of your service to Omega Delta Phi, and your undoubtedly support in the near future.We wish you the best in your current and future endeavors.


Bryan Garcia
VP of Undergraduate Affairs