In alignment with the brotherhood’s core belief in service; entities around the nation spent their Saturdays giving back to the communities they are part of. The Texas A&M University, Commerce colony had a busy weekend participating in several efforts on their campus and in the greater Dallas/Ft Worth area.

On Friday, the brothers participated in the Commerce High School Black History Month program where they performed some strolls for the eager high school students and the community. Strolling, a traditional line dance routine, originated by Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations has become a staple of Greek Life throughout. The practice has historical significance and being that the TAMUC colony is predominantly composed of African American brothers, they felt it was important to showcase the art of strolling and its history as well, with the students and community at Commerce High School.

February is designated as Black History Month where the contributions of Black Americans is highlighted and celebrated. The TAMUC colony along with other entities in ODPhi honor that legacy, that contribution, and that history by participating in events such as these. The Beta Theta chapter at Texas A&M- San Antonio recently participated in the Alamo City’s MLK March for Freedom which pays tribute to the late Dr. King and his message that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Aside from paying tribute to this important history, the brothers at the Texas A&M Commerce kept busy and