The government shutdown brought on by the legislative and executive branches inability to agree on an appropriations bill, put many Americans in a tight spot. The longest government shutdown in the country’s history led to a frenzy that kept an estimated 800,000 government employees out of work or forced them to work without pay.

The brothers of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Alumni Association, saw the great need of many community members working for different government agencies whom had not received a paycheck in more than a month and decided to get to work. They coordinated a barbecue plate giveaway for government employees from furloughed federal agencies affected by the shutdown.

The alumni association tapped into their network and were able to get 300 pounds of chicken donated to them for their effort. Brothers got to coordinating and were able to get other items donated by members in the community and association members and other alumni.

The RGV alumni put on their barbecue for furloughed government employees and its impact on the border town community was instantly felt. The event was held last Saturday February 9th in Edinburg, TX.

Edward Gaitan, Alpha Gamma alumnus and PR chair for the Association shared why it was important for the group to act during this time.