A legend, even in death, and a legacy that has grown immensely since her tragic passing, Selena Quintanilla Perez is considered a household name in most Latino homes. A rising star in the exploding genre of Tejano music, Selena captivated and stole the hearts of all who heard her music and witnessed her performances.

There was a special vibe that she put off and entertaining was her talent. Genuine, humble, beautiful and talented; those four characteristics came together and complemented the artist she would grow into and the superstar she would become.

One tragic March 31, 1995 in Corpus Christi, TX and on the brink of a successful crossover into mainstream pop music, her life was selfishly and abruptly cut short by one Yolanda Saldivar, her manager and longtime friend. This tragic and untimely passing cemented the legend that was Selena. The country grieved, her fans wept, and those who had just started falling in love with her talent and potential were left to wonder what would have been of her if she had lived.

Selena became a legend, her songs became a staple in the Latino community and her voice, her music became iconic. Her legacy has been immortalized and her impact on not only Latinos but American pop culture in general is pronounced.