Omega Delta Phi Fraternity would like to thank you and your son for showing interest in our Brotherhood! As a parent, you are undoubtedly interested in the continuing education of your son. Omega Delta Phi can be an excellent supplement to your son’s college education. We encourage you to explore our website and page of FAQs, where you will find the information that illustrates these supplemental benefits while answering your questions. However, if you have questions that are not answered, please feel free to contact our National Headquarters.

Omega Delta Phi provides students with various opportunities to be involved in their chapter, council, Greek Community, and university. Some of our top leadership positions on and off campus are held by members of Omega Delta Phi. The Greek Community also helps its members fine-tune their leadership skills by providing leadership retreats and workshop series. Apart from the university and the councils providing leadership opportunities to the membership, the organizations’ national board also provides internships, scholarships, and leadership experiences.

Most importantly, the bonds that will form and memories that will be created is what usually separate Omega Delta Phi from other college organizations.

It all depends on your student’s priorities and time management skills. Like any other student organization on campus, fraternity and sorority members may have obligations to the organization (fundraising events, community service/philanthropy, chapter and committee meetings). Let us not forget the social nature of fraternities and sororities and college life in general. As long as your student dedicates time to study, attends class regularly, and uses university academic resources, his/her academics should not be compromised. Additionally, Omega Delta Phi has academic programs and enforced study hours for new members and members who may be struggling academically.
Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one’s time. Research has shown that college students who are active in extracurricular activities are more likely to graduate and report greater satisfaction with their college experience. Through his fraternity involvement, your son should be able to learn how to balance his academic, work, campus involvement and social commitments.
The purpose of this Brotherhood, a Service/Social fraternity dedicated to the needs and concerns of the community, is and shall be to promote and maintain the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership. This Brotherhood was founded in order to provide, to ANY man, a diverse fraternal experience which coincides with a higher education.
If you have any questions about your son’s involvement with Omega Delta Phi, please do not hesitate to reach us by using our contact page or by finding a specific national or regional leader.