Note from the Editor of 7Visions Magazine: Today, we continue our On Wednesday’s We Rock Letters series as a tribute to our National Founders, their legacies and the tradition of wearing red letters on Wednesdays as a homage to the Seven Visionary Men who founded our brotherhood at Texas Tech University on Wednesday November 25th, 1987. Throughout the year, we will feature a colony or chapter that is excelling and living their oath through their work on their respective campus and surrounding community. Each entity featured herein is living their values and ensuring that Omega Delta Phi’s legacy is preserved and continued.


On this week’s, “On Wednesday’s We Rock Our Letters” we highlight our Chi chapter at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas (UT-Austin). Founded in the summer of 1998, Chi recently celebrated 20 years as an entity and looks to excel for many years to come.

The chapter recently reached a new milestone where they recieved the Pillar Award of Leadership, becoming the first greek lettered organization to win the prestigious campus award. As the fall semester has kicked into hype gear,  Chi Chapter is pushing to be the first Greek lettered organization to win a Swing Out Award, which is one of the most distinguished awards that an organization can receive on campus.

Along with starting classes and involvement in other organizations around campus, last week they kicked off our Young Knights program. This is a mentorship program that Chi chapter has been ongoing for over 15 years with middle schools around UT-Austin. This semester they are working with Kealing Middle School and Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy. The boys that are being mentored, come from low income families and our Chi chapter brothers are striving to be able to serve as role models for them. For each meeting, “lesson plans are covered on topics such as leadership or things specific to college like possible degrees students could find interesting” says brother Brandon Lizardi, who is the current chapter president at UT-Austin. Brandon Lizardi also states that,

Discussion becomes more interesting after we have had a few meetings as we get to know the students and can maybe help them more specifically. Something interesting is seeing how many of these kids say they want to be professional athletes, from soccer stars or football players. What we like to teach them is how they can aspire to be that along with having a degree in a field as well.

Chi chapter has a lot of events planned ahead for the school year and are looking forward to a great year. Great job in helping the Austin community and best of luck for the remainder of the school year!


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