Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership: Local Hospitality. With this new partnership, Omega Delta Phi will offer exclusive worldwide travel discount services to their members.

Director of Business Development Joe King says he is excited for this new opportunity and explains that this partnership will not interfere with those that have other memberships.

“These discounted rates do not negate other memberships you have; for example, those brothers that have an Enterprise account can still count their car rental towards their Enterprise Plus memberships.” King explains.

President of Local Hospitality Kevin Armitage says, “We are really excited to extend our exclusive travel discounts to Omega Delta Phi. Members will now have access to below-market rates at every hotel and car rental supplier around the world.  Any hotel, any car, any time, anywhere.”

Savings average 10-20% below-market on all hotels and car rental suppliers around the world. Click here to save on your next trip.