Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.’s Leadership and Development Team is proud to announce the appointment of Ruben Moody as the National Director of Entity Development for the remainder of the 2018 – 2021 administration. Previous Assistant Vice President of Leadership and Development Joseph King spoke on his excitement to work with Moody.

“I am excited to bring Ruben on board as the Director of Entity Development,” he said. “His experience as a Regional Director as well as his active involvement in many other departments in the fraternity give him great insight into the needs of entities and how to best support him. I have confidence that he will continue to do great for the future of the organization.”

Ruben crossed Spring 2012 at the University of the Pacific, Alpha Nu chapter, he graduated in May 2014. After graduation, he went on to serve as the Assistant Regional Director under Gabe Avila and Gus Marquez. Prior to serving as the Pacific Regional Director, he became the first Director of Membership Development in 2016.

“I focused on colony development while advocating for the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion and Professional Development departments, two departments that distinguish us and set our undergrads up for success after college” Ruben said. “My team and I, along with Vice President Bryan Garcia and Regional Directors promoted 9 colonies to chapter status in 3 years.”

In this role, Ruben believes being empathetic and collaborative are the important components to the role. “Empathy to hear the undergrads out and learn about their entities gives me the ability to understand how to best support them. Collaboration, specifically with other directors and their regional boards, gives me an additional network of resources and people to serve the undergrads,” he explained.

“My top goal is to work with the colonies and their respective Regional Directors and Regional Boards to develop a clear plan of action to get chapter status for as many colonies as possible. In addition, I want to develop the team of brothers I am going to be working with: Esteban Martinez, Darren Zavala, Chris Cruz, and Cristian Flores, who all graduated in 2018 or 2019 into future National Directors & Vice Presidents.”

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