Seattle, WA – Omega Delta Phi ( announced today that Brother Joe Reimer has joined the National Executive Board as Vice President of Alumni Engagement to facilitate the development of incoming alumni as well as developing programs to increase alumni engagement.  Brother Reimer joins the board with longtime regional and organizational experience working within many different departments of the fraternity.

“I look forward to uniting Brothers from both past and present. Bringing back the Brothers of years past, to show them how much the Brotherhood has grown and evolved. Also reinvigorating their passion for Omega Delta Phi is critical for success. At the same time, with the younger generation, specifically the undergrads, building that foundation to help them transition from life as an active undergraduate member into a successful, contributing alumnus.” said Reimer.

Brother Reimer joined Omega Delta Phi in 2012 at University of Wisconsin – Parkside, Omicron Chapter.   In his role as Vice President of Alumni Engagement, he will be responsible for building and leading a team that will develop a strategic roadmap to increase the engagement of young alumni and provide development opportunities to foster alumni growth.  This role also has direct connections to the NAA led by Chairman JJ Chapa.

“Brother Reimer’s passion and energy are crucial in ensuring this role is valuable.” says Tony Pagliocco, Omega Delta Phi National President. “In my 20+ years in Omega Delta Phi, I have always said that motivation is a key to developing success and I know that Brother Reimer has the vision, the energy, and desire to make this venture a productive one.”

About Omega Delta Phi

Omega Delta Phi ( is a multicultural service/social fraternity that aims at graduating its members while giving back to the community. The Fraternity has established itself on over 60 campuses and continues to grow every year. Although founded mainly by Latinos, the Fraternity has traditionally always been open to men of different backgrounds, as demonstrated through its “One Culture, Any Race” philosophy.