Over the weekend, the North Texas Region hosted its annual regional conference at the University of North Texas in Denton. The entities in the region consist of Texas Tech University (Alpha Chapter), West Texas A&M (Theta Chapter), Midwestern University (Mu Chapter), University of Texas-Arlington (Tau Chapter), University of Texas-Dallas (Alpha Omicron Chapter), University of North Texas (Alpha Chi Chapter), Texas Christian University (Beta Epsilon Chapter), and Texas A&M Commerce (Colony).

On Friday, the conference began with the opening ceremony. Regional Director Bryan Parra said the regional team’s goal was to improve the development of members individually and as entities.

“The message this weekend was to take back what they learned and put it to use,” he said. “It is important to continue to develop their leadership skills so that they can improve their chapter and their own abilities.”

On Saturday, the meetings began with roll call and announcement by the regional board. Around 9 am, the undergraduates were placed in three groups to attend workshops on stress management, job search strategies, and academic success. The workshops were led by several members of the regional board along with the staff members from UNT.