Flyer for The Black and Red AffairAIDS Awareness is something that the Northeastern Illinois University Colony of Omega Delta Phi does not take lightly. They care about it so much that they have launched an on campus philanthropic effort to raise funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago all while leading a campaign encouraging NEIU Students and community members to get tested.

Their efforts will come to a close on Saturday February 25th with The Black and Red Affair, an on campus semi-formal dance with a black and red attire theme in honor of the AIDS ribbon which is red and which also alludes to the fraternity’s traditional colors of scarlet and the supporting color black. The semi-formal dance will take place on the campus of NEIU at Alumni Hall from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Senior and founding line member Denny Eskivel said that the idea of the project came after brothers came to know the alarming statistics regarding AIDS in the greater Chicago area.

AIDS, a virus often associated with imminent death, is one of three leading causes of death amongst African American males while amongst women, it is one of four. The NEIU Colony felt that their AIDS Awareness campaign and Black and Red Affair would be a perfect programming effort for Black History Month given the statistics and mortality rates amongst members of that racial subgroup.

Their main goal in putting on Black and Red Affair is creating awareness and consciousness regarding the Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome and its prevention as well as raising funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, an AIDS advocacy group whose mission is to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of those affected by the epidemic.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago often partners with community organizations, such as Omega Delta Phi’s NEIU Colony, to put together advocacy projects that fulfill their mission and to give hope to those fighting against the terrible disease. The brothers are taking donations up until the night of the event and would appreciate any and all contributions as all proceeds will go to the AFC. Donations can be made at the following link¬†