Location: Seattle, WA – Effective 8-13-17 , the National Executive Council of Omega Delta Phi is announcing some organizational and personnel changes to the National Board.  Brother Lateef Ipaye will be moved from his original role as VP of Operations to VP of Marketing.

On his new role, Brother Ipaye said, “This experience with the National Board has come full circle. Four years ago, I served as the Director of Marketing where we reignited our 7 Visions Magazine. There was a lot of great memories with an amazing marketing team.” As a result of the work displayed as the Marketing Director, Lateef was awarded the National Director of the Year in 2013.  In regards to his excitement with this upcoming  change, he said, “Marketing the work we do as a Brotherhood and the value we bring to the community has always been a very deep passion of mine so I am looking forward to doing that once again.”

Brother Jesus Apodaca , previous Director of Intake, will be assuming the role of interim VP of Operations.  Jesus, an alumnus from Epsilon Chapter  at Arizona State University, served previously as the National Director of Intake and the National Director of Technology.  During his tenure, Jesus has overseen 5  founder processes and won National Director of the Year in 2016. “I am excited to be appointed the new Vice President of Operations. I look forward on fostering a positive environment where ideas turn into actions, and those actions will make a positive impact on our brotherhood.” said Jesus about his new role.  Also on the Intake team, Brother Brian Ferebee, who had been the Assistant Director of Intake has been promoted to Director of Intake and will continue the roadmap of projects that are currently being worked on.  Brother Kenneth Anderson has been also promoted to Assistant Director of Intake, replacing Brian’s previously held position.

From the Finance team, Brother Taylor Baca will be serving as interim VP of Finance, replacing Brother Bryan Nesmith.  Taylor crossed in Fall 2011 at Alpha Pi Chapter, St Mary’s University in San Antonio, Tx.  Since becoming a brother, Taylor has held many roles within the brotherhood ranging from the chapter to national level. Recently he has held the positions of Finance Operations team member and Director of Finance before stepping in to the role of interim VP of Finance.  Taylor was also named Director of the Year 2017 at our National Conference in Dallas, Tx. Professionally Taylor recently became self employed driving for Uber and Lyft as well as a personal chef, teach private voice lessons and professional musician.

On his new role, Taylor commented, “Holding a position in the Office of Finance for the last two years has been an honor and fun because there is always movement and something happening on a day to day basis in my office. One day is different from the next and helping brothers across the nation has been extremely rewarding. ”

The NEC is extremely grateful to the hard work that previous VP of Finance, Brother Bryan Nesmith has provided to the team, as well as helping with implement long lasting programs to the organization such as the Tax Reclassification program, the Debt Reduction Program, and the new accounting software systems.  We wish Brother Nesmith the best with his new born child and his new career opportunity.


About Omega Delta Phi

Omega Delta Phi (www.omegadeltaphi.com) is a multicultural service/social fraternity that aims at graduating its members while giving back to the community. The Fraternity has established itself on over 60 campuses and continues to grow every year. Although founded mainly by Latinos, the Fraternity has traditionally always been open to men of different backgrounds, as demonstrated through its “One Culture, Any Race” philosophy.