Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. is happy to announce the appointment of Johny Cedeno for the VP of Finance. Johny will be replacing Taylor Baca who served the position under two administrations.

Baca said he enjoyed much of his time serving in the position.  “I learned so much about the professional world and how to interact with others on a level that’s needed in the workforce,” he said. “I also learned that hard work and dedication gets you places; I started on the finance team in a support role and eventually worked my way up to VP and it was very rewarding.”

“I am very thankful for the last five and a half years and the opportunity to work with Tony and so many wonderful NEC members like Long, Chuy, Lateef, Ruben, and others! I have enjoyed serving our undergraduates and all the bonds of friendship I have made by serving on the board.”

Under Baca, Cedeno served as the Finance Operations Chair and also served as Midwest Finance Chair. Cedeno said this position was the perfect opportunity to give back to the organization that has given so much to him.

“I have learned a lot about ODPhi in the last 9 years as a brother and this is a perfect way to take it to the next level,” he said.  “I am ready to work with a set of professional individuals who love this organization as much as I do and am also ready to learn from them.”

Cedeno will serve in the VP position for the remainder of this term. He wants to leave this term on a positive note.

“I want to learn as much as I can so I can help in many more ways possible.  This position is not going to be easy but I want to help out as many entities as possible when it comes to ODPhi finances” he said.  “Taylor has done a lot in the position and I want to be able to fill those shoes and make sure that the Finance team has the resources needed to keep fulfilling this position to its maximum capacity.”

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