Omega Delta Phi’s national philanthropy and partner has been CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocates) for a few years now. National CASA is an organization which advocates for the rights of abused and neglected children caught up in legal battles between parents or guardians or who have been removed from their homes due to abuse. Their organization and their mission are in danger and they need all of us to advocate for them so that they can in turn advocate for the countless number of children in America who are victimized, mistreated, and left to fend for themselves.

For twelve years now, National CASA has received funding through the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990. This funding has enabled them to continue operating nationally and at the regional/local level. The funding given to National CASA was decreased from the usual $12 million to $4.5 million in FY2012. Congress has submitted a proposal that would altogether eliminate CASA’s funding for FY2013 which would hinder National CASA’s ability to continue their mission.


This funding allows National CASA to provide training, technical and advocacy support to the more than 100 CASA programs around the country. These regional and local programs serve an average of 240,000 abused and neglected children per year.

Congressional leaders spoke with CASA representatives and told them that there may be a way of obtaining their full funding back but that immediate and timely action is imperative for this to happen. This is where YOU come in. National CASA is asking everyone to post, tweet, share this alarming news with everyone and anyone on any social media network that one is a part of in order to create awareness. They are then asking everyone to write and/or call their representatives and senators to let them know that CASA and their mission is important to this country and that their funding must be restored.

CASA has made all pertinent information available at the link provided below. One can click on the link and send a letter to their congressional leaders. As CASA’s national partner, ODPhi is committed to seeing CASA thrive in this battle so that they may continue to fight for the rights and best interests of all the children who have been lost in a grim and unforgiving system.

Brothers, friends, family, and anyone else reading this: the time to act is always now, the time to make a difference is always now. Please take a few minutes out of your day to help preserve CASA’s funding. All information can be found at the following site. Thanks for helping preserve CASA’s funding and for making a difference.