crest_alum_400x400The Brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi has announced their executive board of directors for the Omega Delta Phi National Alumni Association (NAA).   “These men that I have selected are men of action and have solid track records of accomplishments in our brotherhood,” said J.J. Chapa, NAA Board Chairman. “They are fraternal leaders, critical thinkers and will provide the outside the box thinking that will help us reach new heights as we continue to develop our alumni base nationwide.”

The NAA for Omega Delta Phi is charged with bringing alumni of the fraternity together after they have crossed into professional life.  “As we continue to plant professionals into their roles in the world, we need to look to them as a source for helping grow, finance and mentor back into the fraternity,” Chapa said.

“This NAA Executive board has the broad experience to continue to move in this direction.” Chapa said.

We are happy to present the 2016 – 2019 NAA Executive Board of Directors:

NAA Chairman:  Joseph J. Chapa
Vice Chairman:  Joseph Ortiz
Director of Association Development:  Long Le
Director of Finance:  Jose Fabian Jimenez
Director of Marketing:  Giovani Angon
LAC Representative:  Roger Rod Salinas
LAC Representative:  Victor Canales Gamino
BOD Representative:  Clint Beauchamp

Congratulations gentlemen on your new roles.