Location: Seattle, WA – The National Office of Omega Delta Phi is proud to announce the launch of its first national mobile app built on the iOS and Android platform that connects the desktop web service of MyODPhi with mobile technology.  MyODPhi version 1.01 was released today on both the Apple store and the Google play store and are ready for download by the Brothers of Omega Delta Phi.

“This is a huge bonus to our members,” said National President, Tony Pagliocco, “It’s great that we can now have tools accessible from anywhere and be able to log our service, study hours, and more in one smartphone app.”

MyODPhi is a web-based service for members of Omega Delta Phi that allows for communication, collaboration, data logging, networking, and much more.  It has been around since 2016 and has become the one spot portal for a file warehousing, video archives, fraternal tools, and reporting datasets of the organization year over year to allow for strong data analysis and decision driven by data.

As this IS an early release – we expect to find some bugs and suggestions from Brothers. Please email ALL bug reports, comments, and suggestions to both vp.technology@omegadeltaphi.org and president@omegadeltaphi.org

Functionality in the 1.1.0 version of the app is as follows:

  • Able to edit MyODPhi Profile
  • View activity on MyODPhi
  • Log Service Hours – Entered directly into the national database for reporting
  • Log Study Hours – Entered directly into the national database for reporting
  • Refer a Recruit – Capture potential PM info and auto-forward to the recruitment chair.
  • News – Read the latest from the Omega Delta Phi .com news feed
  • Downloads – Access, download, and share important national and fraternal documents
  • Podcasts – Able to listen to and/or download the whole Knight Cast Season 1 episodes
  • Forums – Access the national forums on MyODPhi and post, comment, or just read
  • NEC Minutes – Access any of the NEC and BOD minutes from last 3 years and read them in-app.
  • Push Notifications – Able to send push notifications to members for news updates or friend requests

Future Functionality on the table

  • Investigate mapping invoices to user accounts and have the invoices and payment abilities go directly into the app via Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.  This would allow historical financial management that can determine financial good standing status in real time.