By Johny Cedeño, Omicron Chapter (University of Wisconsin, Parkside)

The Midwest Regional Conference was hosted at Northwestern University (Alpha Alpha Chapter) in Evanston, Illinois this past weekend. Approximately 50 brothers from the Midwest Region attended and had an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and gather in fellowship and brotherhood.

The attendees attended workshops on different topics such as Title IX, a workshon on getting organized and developing leadership skills and traits to put to use while operating an entity. Most of the conference was centered around recruitment and how to effectively recruit and retain membership. Alpha Sigma alumnus Francisco Garcia offered an informative and very educational presentation on the topic.

The conference was open to alumni from the region who supported the regional board’s efforts and provided an opportunity for interaction with the undergraduate membership. The region provided lunch and gave the undergraduates and alumni an opportunity to network and interact at Prairie Moon in Evanston, Illinois. 

An alumni track was introduced where alumni were able to attend a brewery tour at the Temperance Beer Co brewery in Evanston. Midwest region alumni were able to catch up and network with each other as well as discussing efforts to better the region with the regional board.

The Awards Gala and Banquet was held on the campus of Northwestern University to celebrate the achievements of the Midwest Region. Excellence in Service Award was awarded to the Southern Illinois University colony while Excellence in Scholastics was presented to the Beta Alpha chapter at Northeastern Illinois University. The Omicron Chapter at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside was presented with the Most Improved Chapter award.

Alumni and Undergraduates also received individual accolades such as the Distinguished Alumni Award which was presented to State Rep Aaron Ortiz, a legislator in the Illinois General Assembly and an initiate and graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Alpha Sigma Chapter). The Silver Knight Award was presented to Francisco Garcia, from the Alpha Sigma chapter for his willingness to go above and beyond for the Midwest Region.  Brothers Marcos Rodriguez from University of Wisconsin, Oskosh and Brother Frank Villegas from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign were presented with the Too Hype Neo award.

National Undergraduate Rep Dom Covington was awarded the Brother of the Year award on behalf of the Midwest Region. The Alpha Omega Chapter at UW- Oskosh was reinstated as the Alpha Omega chapter after having been demoted to colony status. To close out the awards gala, the Alpha Sigma chapter at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign took home the Chapter of the Year award.

The Midwest Region is looking to meet many goals: at the entity level, on a regional level, and in the national rankings especially. The region has its sights set on Houston, TX where the brotherhood will meet for their 2020 National Convention.