Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Jose Figueroa as the Director of Conference for the remainder of the 2018-2021 administration. In this position, Jose will be overseeing the planning of national events such as our National Leadership Institute (NLI) in Houston and our upcoming National Conference in 2021.

“I am excited to have received this position,” Jose said. “I know with my work ethic, and passion I have, I can help our organization grow stronger and more united with new ideas and fresh eyes.”

Irwin Barcenes, Vice President of Membership Engagement, said Jose was highly recommended by several leaders in the organization.

“Jose has demonstrated the passion, and dedication to our organization by being a partner in planning the National Conference” he said. “I have no doubt that Jose Figueroa exceeds the capability to accomplish his goals. I also have no doubt he will do amazing as Director of Conference and blow everyone’s mind by having an amazing NLI.”

Jose, a brother from Eta Chapter at Sam Houston State University, became a member in the spring of 2017. Since then he has taken roles such as chapter president and “ODPhi Week” chairman that showcased his leadership and planning skills. During Jose’s time at Eta, the entity earned several awards including most community service hours and “5 Star Chapter Status,” both of which are school awards. In addition, the chapter received “Most Improved Entity” and “Entity of the Year” at National Conference 2017 in Dallas.

For this position, Jose’s goal is to build a foundation of data and information that can be used for improving future conferences. When it comes to upcoming NLI, Jose wants to provide a great experience that benefits the entities and builds a greater sense of brotherhood.

“Brothers that are attending this year’s NLI can expect a weekend filled with opportunities to meet and collaborate with brothers from other entities to get new ideas that they will be able to take back and implement at their entity,” he explained.

NLI 2020 will be taking place July 16th– 19th in Houston Texas.  Registration will be open Monday, March 16th.