Over the weekend, the East Texas Region hosted its annual conference at the University of Houston-Downtown. The entities in the region are Texas A&M University (Delta Chapter), Sam Houston State University (Eta Chapter), University of Houston (Pi Chapter), Texas Southern University (Alpha Rho Chapter), University of Houston-Downtown (Beta Sigma Chapter), Stephen F. Austin University (Colony) and Prarie View A&M University (Colony).

On Friday, the conference began with opening ceremony followed by Omega Ceremony to remember the brothers that have passed away. Regional Director Frank Villalta spoke on the importance of the ceremony.

“I think it’s a nationwide thing we should always pay our respects to our bros that enter Omega Chapter,” Frank said. “Those brothers will never be forgotten and especially with the new bros, they start seeing people enter Omega Chapter from their own entity so I think it’s important for brothers to know that.”

On Saturday, the meetings began with state of the fraternity address led by National President Tony Pagliocco. Several other members of the National Executive Council were also in attendance to help answer questions.