Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.’s Leadership and Development team is proud to announce two appointments: Joseph King and Lee Trevino. Joseph King has been promoted to Assistant Vice President and Lee Trevino will become the new Director of Business Development.

Vice President of Leadership and Development Manny Diaz said that King has been an “integral part” of not only the department but also the fraternity as a whole.

“Joe was instrumental in getting us on board with Greek Licensing to help secure and protect our brand,” Diaz said. “He is a hardworking and dedicated individual who is very deserving of his new position and promotion within the L&D team. I am confident he will continue to be an asset for years to come.”

“I am excited for the new opportunity that Manny has given me, I want to continue to learn and grow and I am very thankful that there are opportunities such as this in which I am able to do that,” King said. “My goals are to help create a stronger L&D team, and help craft new ideas while learning from Manny what it takes to run a team such as this.”

King was previously the Director of Business Development and Trevino will be his replacement.

“Although I’ve served on several regional boards this is the first time I decided to take a position at the national level I’m excited to join in a position that is in line with my educational and work background,” Trevino said.

“My goal for the position is to continue and build on the partnerships that have already been created and create new