Welcome to another edition of Knights Sound Off: Lifiting the Voice of our Brothers. As we reflect on North Texas Regional Conference. we asked Sergio Alvarado of UT-Dallas (Alpha Omicron) about  his experience:



“The North Texas regional conference was an experience that combined leadership development and the space to catch up with brothers from other chapters in the region.
We had three different workshops. My favorite was the one focused on handling stress when your schedule is stacked with different responsibilities. Being a brother of ODPHI means you are a well-rounded individual uplifting your community and with that comes different stressors you learn to handle.
It’s always great to see how unique and different each chapter is and how everyone comes together for a brotherhood that we’re so passionate about. Coming back to my chapter at U.T. Dallas, me and my brothers in Alpha Omicron are more motivated than ever to meet the high standards we have for each other knowing that our brothers are working to do the same at other universities.”
Sergio became a brother  in Fall 2018 and currently serves as Internal Vice President at  Alpha Omicron Chapter.