Today we continue our newest series: Knights Sound Off, and we do so in hopes of lifting the voices of our brothers, the Honorable Knights of Omega Delta Phi in regards to current events, fraternal news, as well as other on-goings. The entire global community has been affected by the ongoing pandemic of the novel COVID-19 virus which has paralyzed the economy and our everyday lives.

As members of this organization, we stand in solidarity with our global community and specifically with anyone who is directly impacted by this health crisis. We took to the network of Honorable Knights to share with us their thoughts on this historic pandemic and its effects on their everyday lives. As a reminder, we encourage everyone to follow the protocol issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and to continue assisting in flattening the curve by staying home and practicing efficient social distancing measures.

Victor Avila
Lambda Chapter, University of Washington
Fall 2018

“My campus, University of Washington, was the first university to move all in person classes to online due to the outbreak. This was done to protect the students and faculty acknowledging that Seattle is one of the hot spots of the virus. The University has adopted distance learning for the remainder of the academic year to ensure our safety while at home or in our dorms.

COVID 19 has highly affected operations at the chapter level as we will no longer be able to participate at any yard shows to promote the fraternity. All socials, events, fundraisers have been indefinitely cancelled which is a blow to our marketing and finances. In spite of this, Lambda will find a way to remain proactive in this time of crisis and to be able to excel in Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership”

Joseph Vasquez
Beta Mu Chapter (Activated), Xi Chapter (Transfer)
Our Lady of the Lake University (BM), University of Oklahoma (Xi)
Spring 2018

“My campus has gone all hands on deck in dealing with the COVID19 pandemic. Virtual is the new norm and it has taken some time getting used to. The university has done their part to make sure students feel comfortable and they have continued offering services that are accessible to students online.

At the chapter level, all plans for Spring have ended. Under leadership from our executive board and input from brothers around us, we take time to focus on our studies as that is our main priority right now. We check in on each other and make sure that if there is ever something that we want to talk about, we have this open-door policy. The Fall semester looks exciting and we are soon to hold elections. We are planning an awesome 2020-2021 academic school year”

Joshua Carlos
Delta Chapter, Texas A&M University
Fall 2018

“Texas A&M has moved to online classes for the rest of the semester while also providing refunds for parking passes, meal plans, and campus housing. The university has restricted any formal gatherings and closed mostly everything on campus. While tough to continue chapter operations, we have found ways to get around it by having simple phone calls, using Zoom to conduct large meetings that require the entire chapter’s input”

Hussein Omar
Beta Epsilon Chapter, Texas Christian University
Fall 2017

“Due to COVID19, TCU has transitioned to online learning for the Spring semester. TCU has been following national guidelines relating to social distancing and large gatherings. Due to gatherings being restricted, Beta Epsilon have decided to communicate through online using email, messaging apps, and video conferencing. Our chapter has been working hard to stay connected to continue planning for the Fall 2020 semester”

Samuel Velasquez

Chi Chapter, University of Texas at Austin
Fall 2012
Current Law Student at Louisiana State University School of Law

“LSU Law has transitioned all students to online courses either by Zoom or by having professors post prerecorded lectures due to the COVID19 pandemic. This method of distance learning was put into effect for the remainder of the Spring Semester to allow students to learn while still following social distancing. They also changed the grading to Mandatory Pass/Fail with no effect to our GPA’s or rank for this semester. We currently do not have a chapter at LSU, specifically LSU Law.”