Today we continue our newest series: Knights Sound Off, and we do so in hopes of lifting the voices of our brothers, the Honorable Knights of Omega Delta Phi in regards to current events, fraternal news, as well as other on-goings. The entire global community has been affected by the ongoing pandemic of the novel COVID-19 virus which has paralyzed the economy and our everyday lives.

As members of this organization, we stand in solidarity with our global community and specifically with anyone who is directly impacted by this health crisis. We took to the network of Honorable Knights to share with us their thoughts on this historic pandemic and its effects on their everyday lives. As a reminder, we encourage everyone to follow the protocol issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and to continue assisting in flattening the curve by staying home and practicing efficient social distancing measures.

Abby Ramirez
SIU Colony
Southern Illinois University
Spring 2017

“COVID19 is impacting me with my last semester of undergrad and me being able to focus on my internship hours at the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Illinois.

I was not able to enjoy my last days as an undergraduate and we had a lot of great ideas for this semester at SIU. I am really missing my brothers and my peers right about now. Instruction has been moved completely to an online platform and that is how my university is responding to the health crisis we are now seeing.”

CJ Aguillard
Beta Delta Chapter
University of Nevada, Reno.
Fall 2018

“COVID19 is impacting me in a positive way, as I choose to see it. I have gotten to spend more time with my family and get to be closer to home since instruction has been moved to completely online. I had been feeling a little homesick from my family and was glad to be able to go home.

“However, I do miss my friends and brothers in Reno. We try to check up on one another and it feels great just to hear from them”

Ivan Bueso
Kansas State University Colony
Fall 2018

“The COVID19 crisis has really affected me on multiple levels, more so academically and personally. Being at home, I’ve had to deal with more personal problems that being with family and prior problems before the pandemic. School has been extremely difficult since I am no longer in a  productive learning environment like K-State. Focusing on academics has been extremely hard for me as well as staying motivated during this difficult time”

Juan Neri
Beta Tau Chapter
Portland State University
Spring 2017

“Luckily, I am considered an essential worker so I still have a job. Although due to my job, I do risk exposing myself to the virus but it is a risk we must take. It has impacted me by not being able to see some of my loved ones because I don’t want to risk anyone getting sick. I get exposed to money everyday so I make sure to always wash and sanitize everything. I do miss being able to see some of my brothers as well”