Today we continue our newest series: Knights Sound Off.  In this series, we provide the opportunity to uplift the voices of our brothers where give their perspectives on fraternal news, current events, and topics that impact our communities.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of upholding the rights and opportunities for DACA recipients which was granted by previous presidential administrations. Omega Delta Phi applauds this decision by the Supreme Court. Our brotherhood encompasses members from different paths of life and this ruling positively impacts our brothers and their loved ones.

For this edition, we reached out to our brothers in the DACA program to share their perspective on the Supreme Court ruling.


Christian Camarillo

Utah- Master of  Accountancy

CPA Candidate

I’m happy the program continues and I know that the decision brings a sigh of relief to the DACA recipients and their families. However, let’s not ignore the facts of the decision. The court ruled that the program was recklessly canceled by the administration not that the administration does not have the right to end it. This means that DACA recipients are not safe and the administration could push to ending the program the “correct” way.
Let’s also not forget that there are 11 million undocumented people in the US and people in cages. The decision is a victory but it is not the end, comprehensive immigration reform needs to happen and there needs to be greater pressure put on Congress and our individual senators/representatives to vote for something.
While I’m relieved at the DACA decision I am also worried that we will fade once more into obscurity, still having to renew a two-year work permit without any road to becoming full-blown residents or citizens outside of seeking a citizen to marry. The country needs to stop making DACA recipients feel like aliens less deserving of the rights of citizens. The immigration system is still broken and people are still suffering because of it.