The neighboring country of Mexico is reeling after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the central valley of the country and the nation’s capital and second largest city in the world. Many of our members were born in Mexico or have ties to the southern neighbor and family members were scrambling to get in contact with loved ones in the area. The southern part of the country was rocked by a seismic event registering at 8.1 on the Richter scale earlier this month.

The earthquake happened on the anniversary of the deadliest natural disaster in recent memory for Mexico, the 1985 earthquake which claimed the lives of upwards of 10,000 people. Just hours earlier, the city commemorated the anniversary of that disaster by holding their annual earthquake simulation drill which the city hosts as a remembrance event yearly at the time of the 1985 quake.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has declared a state of emergency in the capital city as well as surrounding areas that were also affected by the seismic event which has devastated parts of the Federal District. In the spirit of humanity and solidarity, Mexicans are coming together to initiate recovery and search and rescue efforts in the hardest hit areas where buildings collapsed and trapped many.

How You Can Help:

In times of great tragedy and catastrophe, it is inspiring to see people rally to help out in any way they can. Many organizations have come together to coordinate relief

efforts for Mexico. National not for profit organizations such as UNICEF Mexico are collecting monetary donations to aid in relief and search and rescue operations.

UNICEF Mexico Earthquake Relief

Other non profits such as Save the Children, Red Cross Mexico, Oxfam Mexico, and Project Paz are leading the charge in collecting food, water, and clothes. A civic search and rescue operations team born that fateful September 19th, 1985 in the aftermath of Mexico’s darkest hour, the Topos, continues their labor to this day and they have again answered the call, 32 years later. More information on that organization, their history, and their efforts in this disaster and countless others can be found at

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the beautiful country of Mexico as they brave this moment of tragedy head on. Already, countless Mexicans have selflessly come together to aid their neighbors and it is our sincere hope that the world will follow suit and uplift Mexico in prayer and relief assistance. The brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi stands with the people of Mexico, a motherland to so many of us and we uplift them with our warm thoughts and prayers so that they may recover, rebuild, and heal.