By Luis A Gonzalez

Nestled in Downtown Portland, Oregon, Portland State University is known to many but not nearly as well known as the two biggest state universities in the Beaver State, Oregon State and the University of Oregon. Portland State is a commuter school where student life and the “student experience” take a backseat to work responsibilities and family obligations. A non-traditional campus like PSU is not somewhere where an organization like Omega Delta Phi would normally thrive. In spite of that, Portland State University has grown tremendously over the past years and it was fitting that interest for a presence of culturally based Greek Lettered organizations arose. Omega Delta Phi has led that charge, and has done so in style. 

As such, on June 6th, 2014, 7 Honorable squires became the Founding Line of Omega Delta Phi at Portland State University. Emanuel Magaña , Fall 2005 at Alpha Theta Chapter at Oregon State, and Regional Director of the Northwest Region at the time, led the charge and served as the Pledge Educator of the Founding Line as well as Founding Adviser. 

As hosts of the 2019 National Convention, the Portland State Colony was tasked with another great challenge: presenting for chapter status in their own backyard. The colony to chapter presentation would take a lot of teamwork, a great amount of discipline, and it would require the PSU brothers to pool their strengths together to ensure the end result they hoped for. And during the National Convention, the Portland State University colony proudly ushered in a new era, now with the distinction of being known as the Beta Tau Chapter of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. The road to this milestone, however, was filled with obstacles, challenges, and a heavy d