In light of recent events, we, Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc., released a statement acknowledging allegations brought forward by survivors of sexual assault and their advocates. We recognize that words without action mean nothing, and we are prepared to make good on our word. We hope the actions outlined below serve as a catalyst for a greater push for accountability.

We have put together the following action items to not only hold those members accountable but also make sure we do our best to prevent any future incidents:

1)      We have placed an immediate moratorium on all activities in our North Texas region as we investigate recent reports and allegations. This includes brotherhood & philanthropic events, new member showcases and social mixers. Chapter business meetings, community service projects and other limited activities must be coordinated and approved with Student Affairs.

2)      We will be conducting an entity by entity audit, with university and regional support, to make sure that each entity’s risk management reporting and investigations are following protocol.

3)      We have opened and will be opening a number of investigations nationwide into ALL recent reports and allegations.  Those under investigation will be under indefinite suspension in order to promote safety and due process.

4)      We are working internally to provide better training and controls into our organization.  Some examples that we are currently working on immediately implementing are:

  • Requiring background checks in the new member process.
  • Attending mandatory educational programming on sexual harassment and sexual assault between the chapter and its prospective members.
  • Requiring training/workshop at our national conference covering respect, consent, social media, sexual harassment, and sexual assault including a victim panel.
  • Developing an online reporting platform for safe and secure incident and risk management reporting along with expanding our compliance and code of conduct training.

As we previously stated, words are words but actions are what count and we are taking these first steps today to bring forth a culture of change in our organization that we can be proud of and promote our sacraments through our actions.

Today, we begin our journey to prove our dedication to being a safer, more educated, and respectful organization.

Thank you


The National Executive Council
Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.