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Goal (achieve):  The Diversity Team is dedicated to empowering the multiculturalism in our brotherhood through helping create One Culture where Every Knight Counts!

Purpose (reason): Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc. is a multicultural service/social fraternity that provides a diverse fraternal experience to ANY man. We help empower the multiculturalism in our brotherhood build community, empathy, support, and resilience in order to fulfill our two goals of graduating our members and serving the community.

Vision & Values: Envision a brotherhood with One Culture where Every Knight Counts! Through our traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership, and multicultural values of Compassion, Authenticity, Courage, and Vulnerability, that One Culture will empower the multiculturalism in our brotherhood.

Objectives (actions):
*Using the four methods of Policy, Conference/Events, Advising/Training and Programming
*Have each committee be led by members of the communities it serves.

The Four Methods to accomplish our goal, mission, and vision.

  • Policy:¬†Reviewing, updating, proposing and implement policy that creates the institutional support and pathway for possible resources and support.

  • Conferences/events: Being proactive in providing the space(s), resources, and teams at conference that are national, and regional. This also includes regional brotherhood retreats, brotherhood events, and other large official gatherings of brothers where we can increase the resources, education, and support needed for any/all the committee themes.

  • Advising/Trainings: Create content for training all national and regional officers, with the information on the updated policies, best practices, resources, protocol, and leadership they need to follow, do, or provide. This will include a possible chapter/alumni advisor certification program that includes that information for them so advisors align their advising to the chapters to our policy, values, and national vision of our brotherhood.

  • Programming: Is focused on the undergrads/graduates actives body in the chapters. Through educational blocks/session at conferences, brotherhood events, digital spaces/communities, digital content, materials, and resources, our active bros will become empathic, empowered, and resilient brothers.

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Our Diversity and Inclusion Teams


A true brotherhood, should and can become a source of community, empathy, support, and developing strong resiliency.


A true brotherhood, enables compassion, authenticity, courage, and vulnerability.


A true brotherhood, provides to ANY man a diverse fraternal experience, which is are accessible and empowering.


A true brotherhood, stands for all brothers who are Dreamers that are striving to graduate and serve the community.