CTX1The weekend of November 13-15, Alpha Tau Chapter of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc hosted the Central Texas Regional Conference on the campus of Texas A&M International University. Approximately 80 brothers from around the region descended on Laredo, Texas for a weekend filled with activities to inspire, unite, learn, and grow. The idea of the conference was to “get back to basics” with the main principle of “teaching chapters to be self-sustaining–autonomy”.

I have long held the notion that the regional board is designed to ensure the entities are successful and are capable of running themselves and not reliant on the board. CTX3Some of the topics discussed to help lead entities in the right direction were scholastics, finance, and programming. Brothers also got the chance to interact with each other and regional board to discuss other ideas that can benefit many entities.

The overall success of the conference can be attributed to all the hardworking individuals that helped to put it together. Alpha Tau and AT president Thomas Martinez went above and beyond to ensure all venues were booked, paid for, and prepped for the event. The presenters Kellen Hernandez, Jason Castro, Austin Gindhart, Eric Barrera, and Felipe Lopez provided the entities with valuable information and did an amazing job explaining their material. Assistant Regional Director Cameron Coleman lead the charge with precise planning, quick decision making, and sound judgement.


Lastly, I would like to especially thank National President Tony Pagliocco and VP of Undergrad Affairs Bryan Garcia for attending our conference and providing valuable insight from the national level to the undergrad population of Central Texas. The Central Texas region is on the rise and I foresee great things coming from all entities; I am humbled to have been selected as the Regional Director of such a great region and I challenge all the Central Texas Region “to be the change they want to see in the brotherhood”.


In true brotherhood,
Manny Diaz