Leadership, being one of the fraternity’s principles, is not one that many brothers take lightly. Frank Garza, Chi Chapter founder and alumnus, is all too familiar with this trait and because of it; he has been nominated for the 2012 Miller Coors Lideres Award. Miller Coors felt there was a need to recognize genuine leaders with a relentless commitment to shaping the Latino community for the better. The Lideres project was launched in 2006 and it “provides visibility and resources to dozens of current and emerging leaders in the Hispanic community” according to the Miller Coors Lideres website.

Garza attended University of Texas at Austin and was instrumental in bringing Omega Delta Phi to the forty acres. While at UT, Garza was heavily involved on campus and received The Office of the Dean of Student’s Deans Dozen Award highlighting his contributions and commitment to the campus community. It comes as no