On the weekend of March 1-3, Central Texas Region held its Annual 2-HYPE weekend at Alpha Tau Chapter in Laredo, Texas. 2-HYPE weekend unites the 12 entities of CTX region with a State of the Region Address, community service, athletic competitions, and more importantly comradery.

The region consists of: Texas State University (Rho) , University of Texas (Chi), University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Alpha Gamma), Texas A&M Kingsville (Alpha Mu), Baylor University (Alpha Xi), St. Mary’s University (Alpha Pi), Texas A&M International University (Alpha Tau),  Texas A&M University-San Antonio ( Beta Theta), Our Lady of the Lake University (Beta Mu), University of Incarnate Word (Beta Omicron), Texas A&M – Corpus Christi (Beta Pi), and University of Texas – San Antonio (Colony).

The weekend began with a traditional roll call ceremony demonstrating our unity, honesty, integrity, and leadership. The start of the weekend also included a regional address from multiple regional board members that outlined a new and improved regional academic action plan, regional chapter status rubric, and the current state of the region.

The next day over 40 brothers and 25 prospective members congregated at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park for service. The service included cleaning up the waterfront of the lake and roadways of the park.

Immediately after the service event, those present entered into a competitive kickball game. The teams were randomly selected.

“This game was unconventional,” Regional Academic Chair and kickball referee Ivan Dominguez said. “There were more than 20 plus people on each team, thus making it difficult for kickers to run to each base with the ball either being caught midair or quickly traveling through each person to tag a person out.”

Ivan also stated this event was enjoyable seeing brothers come together to collectively argue the inconsistency of written rules and the ability to fully see whether a ball was a foul ball or not. The kickball game was a true indication of real competition, everyone no matter what entity or team was focused and determined to win. The kickball game was only a glimpse of what competitive environment was to come later that day.


Before the main games of flag football took place, the brothers and prospective members were greeted with a bridge of engagement as many Laredo alum brothers pitched in and sponsored a belly filling lunch. Central Texas region extends great appreciation and gratitude to all Laredo alum for support and demonstrating the lifelong commitment of brotherhood and hospitality



This weekend was an ending of a streak as Chi Chapter was eliminated from almost winning its 4th consecutive 2- HYPE flag football championship. The final game included two teams with the first one being comprised of brothers from the colony at UTSA and Alpha Xi Chapter while the second team was comprised of South Area chapters Alpha Gamma, Alpha Tau, Beta Pi, and Beta Omicron. After a tense and competitive game, South Area Chapters and Beta Omicron Chapter became this year’s 2-HYPE champions. Congratulations!

Although this weekend was short-lived, it was memorable and thrilling. It is weekends like this that many brothers reignite their passion for Omega Delta Phi along with its goals and values. It is with Unity that strengthens our passion and brotherhood. It is with Honesty and Integrity that keeps up true and aligned. It is our Leadership that provides a legacy for the present and future. Thank you to all the brothers and guest who were present. Stay focused and good luck with the rest of the semester