25FoundersNovember 25, 1987 is a date that is infamous in our circle, a date that will forever remain etched in our minds, our thoughts, and in our history.

Twenty five years ago today on November 25, 1987; our beloved brotherhood saw the light on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Seven men of vision gathered with a purpose in mind: that of creating a support group for Latino men and other men of color at a predominantly white institution where they felt their needs and those of their community were not being met by traditional fraternities and organizations. The Men of Vision wanted ODPhi to be the organization that provided ANY man, a diverse fraternal experience coinciding with a higher education. And so it was.

Their journey was completed when ODPhi became an official student organization at Texas Tech and a legend was born. Brothers around the nation commemorated the founding of the brotherhood that has played such a vital and important part in their lives. The twitter and Facebook feeds were overloaded with #ODPHI25 mentions and excitement due to the brotherhood’s silver anniversary.

In hindsight, Omega Delta Phi has become a powerful driving force in the lives of all men who have been activated into the brotherhood. Our seven founders are content in knowing that ODPhi has grown to become what they expected and so much more. From Alpha Chapter to Wayne State Colony, ODPhi continues to be the family away from home, the vital support group that many of our members seek out and so desperately need when they enter college.

Brothers from around the nation commemorated the founding of the brotherhood and spoke about what the brotherhood means to them as well as what it feels to reach ODPhi’s Silver Anniversary.

“Listening to our founders tell the story of how our brotherhood came about and why, hearing from them, it really was a surreal moment, a moment that moved me to no end” said Rito Herrera, Delta Chapter, Fall 2011.

“25 years is not anywhere near comparable to 100 years or even 50 but to all of us who have been involved from day one as a prospective member, it means the world. 25 years don’t come easy, if we weren’t doing things right, we wouldn’t have made it to this day” said Jonatan Escobar, activated at Delta Chapter in Spring 2011.

“ODPhi has provided me with memorable fraternal experience, while helping me to become a leader in the ASU community. ODPhi gave me a family outside of my blood family. As we celebrate 25 years, I am only honored to have lived by the sacraments of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership. I will forever cherish all the brothers I came across in the past six years. Deltas up to all my brothers across the nation” shared Rogelio Ruiz, initiated in Fall 2006 at Arizona State University’s Epsilon Chapter.

Luis Arriaga, brother from the Alpha Gamma Chap