A long version of this article appeared in the Spring 2017 edition of 7Visions. The Red River Rivalry is taking place in Dallas today and we saw it fitting to bring up the topic of college football, tradition, rivalries, and spirit. Enjoy this recap of one of our features.


Ask any brother and they will tell you; the network Omega Delta Phi can provide its members is substantial and its one of a kind. Being able to travel and interact with brothers from near and wide is one of the aspects of the brotherhood that appeals to members.

The brotherhood transcends colonies/chapters, it goes far beyond the region or state you are in, the brotherhood has no borders and has no limits.

College rivalries are well ingrained into the culture and history of many of our institutions of higher learning in America. The traditions, pageantry, and rich history of these institutions is well ingrained into student life and well into one’s life as an alumnus of their respective institution.

There are storied rivalries in the history of many of these institutions: some driven entirely by athletic competition and bad blood between teams that resulted from one event or another or merely because of geography and natural competition. Other rivalries have deeper roots and are intertwined with the history of that specific institution and the state it is located in.

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