Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.  is proud to announce a new partnership: Affinity Consultants. Spearheaded by Director of Business Development Joe King, the new partnership will increase the fraternity’s access to more than 1500 greek vendors across the country all while providing additional safeguards to protect fraternity’s brand.
“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Affinity Consultants,” King said. “This partnership now allows us to move forward with stronger brand and vendor management. We now have access to more vendors than our organization has ever had, and with that comes more products that will be available to us.”
Founded to help fraternal organizations protect the integrity and ownership of their trademarks, Affinity has grown to represent some of the largest Greek-lettered organizations. This new partnership with Omega Delta Phi adds to their growing relationship with multicultural greek fraternities and sororities..
 President and CEO of Affinity Consultants Dan Shaver says he excited to partner with Omega Delta Phi to defend its history and heritage and to support the fraternity’s vision of “One Culture, Any Race.”
 “We have a large, experienced team in place and we are eager to help Omega Delta Phi maintain control of its brand,” Shaver said. “By providing  unmatched tools to their licensed vendors, we will deliver a diversity of products to their members that are top quality and consistent with the high ideals of their organization.”
Omega Delta Phi members can now get access to vendors near their area by visiting the Greek Licensing website:
“As we begin to partner, we will be making vendor and process changes, and will be available to assist with any questions,” King said.