Omega Delta Phi’s National Director of Service and Programming announced a new partnership with DrinkingandDriving.Org. The Fraternity headquarters has partnered up with this organization in hopes of preventing impaired driving.  The efforts include an awareness campaign, which will provide entities the resources to educate their campus communities and membership about the services, mission, and local efforts carried out by

The 501 (c3) nonprofit was founded in 2007 and according to its website “ saves lives by preventing drunk driving. We are citizens whose actions are based on the core values of commitment to public safety, respect for the law, and responsibility”.

The organization educates and provides resources for individuals to make better decisions after consuming alcohol. Not only do they encourage those consuming alcohol to have a designated driver but also they have a process that enables users to follow procedures that will ensure these preventative methods are put to use.

This partnership could not have been timelier; in recent years: brothers have been lost to drunk driving incidents that could have been 100% preventable. Addressing an issue that afflicts all members of our communities and that is especially relevant to Greek Life communities, looks to educate and empower their users to not only pledging to make smart decisions but to actually follow through.

The plan is to incorporate the national partner’s educational modules and their resources into each local entity’s events but also to collaborate in continuing the fraternity’s Brothers Against Drunk Driving programming which entities host around the nation.

National Director of Service and Programming Giovanni Baez stated his excitement at the newly announced partnership between the non-profit and the brotherhood.

“This organization will be an essential part of providing us with the resources we need for our B.A.D.D program (Brothers Against Drunk Driv