Over the past three weeks, each of our California entities including; Alpha Kappa, Alpha Nu, Alpha Psi, & CSUDH Colony have been tabling and campaigning for California residents of all ages, to register and become an Organ & Tissue donor. Our brothers have put in much effort to distribute and inform college students and their surrounding communities about the need and importance of becoming an Organ Donor.
To date, Omega Delta Phi’s unique url (listed below), has helped to register 253 people!! That puts us right on target to reach our goal of registering 87 people a week, during our month long campaign. Even if you are not in California, we have supplied many resources to help donors register in any state that they may live in. The following link will allow you to select a state, and then it will take you to that state’s government ran Organ Donor website.
Brothers from around the country have a personal appreciation for Organ Donors. Be it known by the Brotherhood or not, we do infact have several brothers who are currently on, or have been on a Organ Donor list/Wait List. We can only imagine the many more brothers who have been impacted at some point in their lives by a family member or friend, who have also needed this special gift at a second chance in life. We hope we can all take a second, with the Thanksgiving holiday on the way, and realize how much we have, and how much we can give. As we strive to continually help our community, it means a lot to the brotherhood that we can be a hero to so many, and we hope we can encourage others to become  heroes as well.

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