Tucson, AZ- Earlier this week, Iota alum Ryan Rodriguez was granted a new lease on life when his lifelong friend Darrhyl Harris volunteered to donate his kidney to the Northern Arizona University alumnus. Rodriguez had been diagnosed with end stage renal disease and his kidney function was at nine percent at the time he underwent the transplant surgery.

With support from friends, family, and members of the Omega Delta Phi and Kappa Delta Chi communities, the proud father is excited to start living as normal of a life as possible.
Ryan’s situation was highlighted in the Fall 2016 issue of 7 Visions Magazine: https://issuu.com/odphi/docs/7_visions_-_volume_6__issue_3
Darrhyl Harris’s family is collecting donations to help with costs of the transplant surgery and expenses incurred through the procedure. The link to the Go Fund me campaign for Harris can be found at