Location: Seattle, WA – The National Office of Omega Delta Phi and the Operations Team, led by VP Ruben Hernandez, have announced the Directors appointed to the Operations Team for the 2018-2021 administration.  The Operations team includes the Directors of Expansion, Intake, Recruitment, and Membership Development.  VP Ruben Hernandez stated “I’m excited to bring on this very talented team.  They’re all great brothers with different backgrounds, experiences and strengths.  This is a hungry team, ready to deliver some great ideas and strategies to our undergraduate brothers.”

Director of Recruitment, Amo Vera

Brother Amo crossed at Alpha Mu Chapter, Mu class at Texas A&M University-Kingsville  in December 2012. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and currently works at Calallen ISD as a Computer Tech/Webmaster and part-time at a Non-profit organization as the Computer Tech.  Amo served on the Central Texas Regional Board as the Regional Recruitment chair from 2013-2014, and as the National Assistant Director of Recruitment in 2017.

“I’m excited to rejoin the team and looking forward helping brothers across the nation.  It’s important to note different strategies work at different campuses, and we’ll leverage this instead of a ‘one-method-for-all’ approach.  There are already some great things and common practices we use in our current recruiting processes, and I’d like to help build on those while ensuring we keep our eye on some basic nuts & bolts.”

Brother Amo can be contacted at director.recruitment@omegadeltaphi.org

Director of Intake, Brian Ferebee

Brother Brian crossed Fall 2012 at the Beta Zeta Chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science. He decided to switch his career path after graduation, and now currently works for Goldman Sachs. Initially, Brother Brian served in the Operations Department as the Assistant Director of Intake and with some shifts in the department, last year was appointed as the Director of Intake. Brian’s focus will be on continuing to improve the Intake Department in its entirety and working collectively with each region to improve their respective prospective member program through training and development.

In response to his appointment, Brother Brian stated, “It’s an honor and privilege to be back serving the Brotherhood that has given me so much. I’m excited to be back working with the Operations Team and my new team of Regional Directors/Regional Membership Development Chairs. I’m ready to get back to business and looking forward to partnering with the other areas of leadership within the Brotherhood to take our Intake process to new heights and achieve new goals these next three years.”

Brother Brian can be contacted at director.intake@omegadeltaphi.org

Director of Expansion, Dylan Casares

Brother Dylan crossed at Pi Chapter on February 13th, 2010, as a member of the Alpha Gamma class. He held numerous chapter positions while at the University of Houston and served as the National Undergraduate Representative on the National Executive Council.  He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Houston in 2014 and is currently working towards his MBA at the University of Houston Downtown, with an expected graduation of Fall 2019.  He currently works as a Human Resources Assistant Store Manager for Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country. Dylan served as the National Director of Academics from 2015-2018 under the previous administration.  While he’s not working, he volunteers as an Assistant Captain for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

In this new role, Dylan will take a common-sense approach to expansion.  “My plan is to focus on campuses where our brotherhood can thrive and grow through our purpose and vision.  We’ve gone through a learning curve, and I think we can learn from our recent experiences to help us develop a better approach.  Overall, I’m very excited to take on this new role with a great group of brothers.”

Brother Dylan can be contacted at director.expansion@omegadeltaphi.org.

Director of Membership Development, Joshua Murray

Brother Joshua Murray is an alumnus of Arizona State University from where he attained two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in East Asia Studies (Mandarin) and a Masters degree in Secondary Education-English. During his time as an active brother at the Epsilon chapter, Brother Josh was both Special Events Chair and Chapter President. In reflection on being an active participant of Omega Delta Phi again, Josh stated: “I’m honored by the opportunity to collaborate with professional and motivated individuals. Omega Delta Phi has given me so many close bonds and learning experiences; therefore, I want to make sure I reciprocate the generosity by vigorously working to make the organization’s vision turn into a reality.”

Brother Josh currently works as an English and Mandarin Chinese instructor at The Jones-Gordon School in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He works with a diverse student population with learning difficulties, and he absolutely loves it. “I feel so blessed that I get to wake up every day and work with teenagers that to help them achieve their highest level of success. Everyone can reach the same goal; I just like to find all the alternative routes that each individual can take to reach that similar goal.”

In terms of his vision of New Member Development, he stated: “A member’s first active year is the most difficult, for it is a huge transformation in lifestyle and mentality. My vision is to make it a positive transition and to develop members socially, academically, and professionally. I’m very excited to bring my knowledge of education, curriculum writing, and engagement to the team. I figure if the multiverse exists, then every possible level of success does as well.”

Brother Josh can be contacted at director.memdev@omegadeltaphi.org

About Omega Delta Phi

Omega Delta Phi (www.omegadeltaphi.com) is a multicultural service/social fraternity that aims at graduating its members while giving back to the community. The Fraternity has established itself on over 65 campuses and continues to grow every year. Although established as Hispanic Founded, the Fraternity has traditionally always been open to men of different backgrounds, as demonstrated through its “One Culture, Any Race” philosophy.