Location: Seattle, WA – The National Office and VP of  Marketing Lateef Ipaye have announced the Directors appointed to the Marketing team for the 2018-2021 administration.  The Marketing team is the home team for the Director of Content, Creative Director, Director of Pulbic Relations, Director of Social Media and Director of Branding.  “I am extremely excited to work with this new team,” Ipaye said. ” Each member of the Marketing team have a specific skill set that will be vital to our strategic goal of leading our fraternity through education and collaboration”

The Vice President of Marketing Lateef Ipaye has announced Jason De Leon’s appointment to the Director of Content position. Brother Jason graduated earlier this year with a bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Human Relations at the same university.

During Brother Jason’s tenure as an active member, he has held several positions such as vice president, social chair, recruitment chair, public relations chair, and most notably, starting Xi’s first ever Young Knights Program at Southeast High School in Oklahoma City. De Leon became a brother in spring 2016 as a member of Xi Chapter’s Alpha Kappa Class.

“During my undergrad years at Xi Chapter, my main goal was to improve my chapter’s image in various ways,” De Leon said. “I am excited to extend my help to a national level, and help not only my home chapter but all entities across the nation.”

In addition, Jason has developed video content and design for the chapter. In this new role, Jason plans to integrate mini documentaries into 7 Visions Magazine along with long version documentaries for our web content and social media.

“It is essential that we continue exploring ways to capture new audiences while still maintaining what has worked for us. Jason’s skill set brings a new element to the position that is necessary in this digital era,” Ipaye said. “I’m excited to partner with Jason to develop our collective goals.”

Brother Jason can be contacted at director.content@omegadeltaphi.org

The Vice President of Marketing Lateef Ipaye has announced Sam Deleon’s appointment to the Director of Social Media position. Brother Sam graduated fall 2017 with a bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas and currently resides in Los Angeles.

During Brother Sam’s tenure as an active member, he has held several positions such as social chair, public relations chair, and historian. After graduation, Sam served on the diversity and inclusion committee along with the Central Plains regional board as their marketing chairman. Sam said he is excited and honored to take on the new role.

“I cannot wait to take our social media to the next level, while teaching alumnus and undergraduates how they can utilize social media to help better the fraternity, the community, and professionally in their careers,” Sam said.

“I have a lot of goals in mind that consists of taking advantage of ad buying/SEO’s for recruitment & branding purposes, forming a collaborative social media committee to help the marketing department, and highlighting our brothers & entities accomplishments on our national social media platforms on a regular basis.”

Brother Sam can be contacted at director.media@omegadeltaphi.org

The Vice President of Marketing Lateef Ipaye has announced Brother Keith Diaz’s appointment to the Director of Public Relations position. Brother Keith graduated from the University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Corporate Communication along with a minor in Chicano Studies. Currently, Diaz works as leasing agent at Integrity Asset Management.

“This new role will allow me to enhance our public image and show how great Omega Delta Phi truly is, ” Diaz said. “I hope to give back to my fraternity as much as they have given to me. I’m ready to work with my new team and start this year off with a bang!”

While Keith did not become a member until the fall of 2017, he worked at UTEP’s Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SELC) for three years as the fraternity and sorority life intern. Diaz said that this position was a great learning experience for him.“I provided education on topics very sensitive to the Greek community, such as: leadership, hazing, recruitment, retention, fundraising, and inclusion to name a few. I was also able to present to groups of up to 100 students at a time,” he said.

“Through the SELC, I was able to collaborate with many other offices. Networking was the best skill that I gained. By working with students on a day to day basis, I was also able to collaborate with various leaders across the university.”

In addition, Diaz served as the Digital Media Assistant for former Kappa Delta Chi National President and current Texas State Representative Mary Gonzalez. Under that position, Diaz maintained presence on social media platforms and help create/publish content that was relevant to the customer base.

“Keith’s strong background in effective communication and his ability to effectively build new relationships made this appointment an obvious one for me,” Ipaye said. “I look forward to partnering with Keith to engage and inform our communities about the great initiatives we do as a brotherhood.”

Brother Keith can be contacted at director.pr@omegadeltaphi.org.

The Vice President of Marketing Lateef Ipaye has announced Brother Angel Martinez’s appointment to the Creative Director position. Brother Angel graduated with bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV/Film at Northwestern University.

As a recent graduate, Martinez has developed skills in areas such as story writing, cinematography, and directing to name a few. With this strong background, Brother Angel looks to bring these skills to National Marketing Team and the organization as a whole.

“I plan on both documenting and promoting the story for our Brotherhood through multimedia channels while also strategizing and executing design plans for the marketing of the ODPhi brand,”  Martinez said. “We have over 30 years of rich history as well as a prosperous future ahead, and I want to use that ongoing, genuine story as one of our main creative tools.”

During his tenure as an active member, Brother has served several positions such as president, vice president, recruitment chair, and public relations chair. Under his leadership, Alpha Alpha chapter excelled winning numerous awards in the areas of community service and academics along with winning Regional Entity of the Year.

“When you combine Angel’s strong leadership skills with his prowess for storytelling, it’s a perfect match in my opinion,” Ipaye said. “Documenting the stories of our brotherhood has been an ongoing mission of ours and Brother Angel has a very unique opportunity to leave a great legacy in our brotherhood in just a short amount of time.”

Brother Angel can be contacted at director.creative@omegadeltaphi.org

The Vice President of Marketing Lateef Ipaye has announced Brother Zach Dominguez’s appointment to the Director of Brand Management position. Brother Zach served as the Creative Director last term.

“I can’t wait to contribute more to the fraternity, especially in a role that I am very passionate about,” Zach said. “As the Director of Brand Management, it is essential to me that all communications are consistent with, and exude, the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership.”

Since becoming a brother back in fall 2010, Brother Zach has helped create a more unified look across the fraternity through the creation of a variety designs including: past conference logos, several editable recruitment designs, anniversary designs, omega chapter templates, and magazine covers and layouts.

“Branding is without a doubt one of the most discussed topics in our brotherhood,” Ipaye said. “When Zach applied for this position, it was difficult to consider anyone else but him. He has played an intricate role in developing our brand into the new generation. Having worked with Zach for over 5 years, I value his perspective when it comes to our brand so I look forward to what he has in store for our brotherhood.”

Brother Zach said he looks to cooperate with each level of the fraternity to ensure that the new Brand Guidelines are met.“I believe the best way to assure this is the creation and availability of a library of various design elements and templates for a broad range of uses,” he said. “Ultimately, I look forward to furthering the Omega Delta Phi brand in a consistent, distinct and innovative manner.”

Brother Zach can be reached at director.brand@omegadeltaphi.org.

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