Chicago, Il- The National Elections Committee has announced the winner in the 2018 Presidential Election. Tony Pagliocco secured a second term as National President of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Pagliocco, an Epsilon alumn and the incumbent candidate won the election against Alpha Chapter alumn Clint Beauchamp after a rigorous campaign season.

“First off, the anxiety was through the roof. Clint did a great job of bringing up some very solid points on what we need to focus on in our organization and I thank him for running and stepping up. I’m relieved, I’m excited, I’m happy. Im excited that a lot of great things are coming up ahead” expressed Pagliocco after learning of the results.

Pagliocco took over for Jacob Aidan Martinez in 2015 at the National Convention in San Antonio. Pagliocco is the first president since National Charter Jorge Rodriguez, to serve a second term (2005-2008).

“To my brothers, from the bottom of my heart: thank you very much for you trust. Its going to be a fun three years. We are going to do great things but its only going to happen though if we work together, if we collaborate, share, and are open and honest with each other” he finalized.